Welcome to aind-data-schema:#

This repository contains the schema used to define metadata for Allen Institute for Neural Dynamics (AIND) data. All data is accompanied by a collection of JSON files that include the metadata that provide detailed information about the data, how it was acquired, and how it was processed and analyzed. The metadata also including administrative information including licenses and restrictions on publication. The purpose of these files is to provide complete experimental details and documentation so that all users have a thorough understanding of the data.

As experimental and analytical methods continue to develop, and new experiments and projects are added to the AIND portfolio, these schema will continue to evolve in order to capture the full range of our work.

A given data asset will have the following JSON files:

  • data_description: Administrative metadata about the source of the data, relevant licenses, and restrictions on use.

  • subject: Metadata about the subject used in the experiments, including genotype, age, sex, and source.

  • procedures: Metadata about any procedures performed prior to data acquisition, including surgeries, behavior training, and tissue preparation.

  • rig or instrument: Metadata describing the equipment used to acquire data, including part names, serial numbers, and configuration details.

  • session or acquisition: Metadata describing how the data was acquired

  • processing: Metadata describing how data has been processed into derived data assets, including information on what software was used.


An example subject file:

import datetime

from aind_data_schema.subject import Housing, Subject

t = datetime.datetime(2022, 11, 22, 8, 43, 00)

s = Subject(
    species="Mus musculus",
   housing=Housing(home_cage_enrichment=["Running wheel"], cage_id="123"),

s.write_standard_file() # writes subject.json

yields JSON:

   "describedBy": "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AllenNeuralDynamics/aind-data-schema/main/src/aind_data_schema/subject.py",
   "schema_version": "0.3.0",
   "species": "Mus musculus",
   "subject_id": "12345",
   "sex": "Male",
   "date_of_birth": "2022-11-22",
   "genotype": "Emx1-IRES-Cre;Camk2a-tTA;Ai93(TITL-GCaMP6f)",
   "mgi_allele_ids": null,
   "background_strain": "C57BL/6J",
   "source": null,
   "rrid": null,
   "restrictions": null,
   "breeding_group": null,
   "maternal_id": null,
   "maternal_genotype": null,
   "paternal_id": null,
   "paternal_genotype": null,
   "wellness_reports": null,
   "housing": {
      "cage_id": "123",
      "room_id": null,
      "light_cycle": null,
      "home_cage_enrichment": [
         "Running wheel"
      "cohoused_subjects": null
   "notes": null

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